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The Supplier Query file contains over 20,000 listings of names, addresses, phone and FAX numbers. These are the suppliers that are listed in the University of Chicago Accounts Payable System.

Preferred Supplier Contract Announcements
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Procurement Services has negotiated contracts with suppliers of various goods and services. We are working to make information about these contracts available through this Web site, so that all University departments (and in some cases, individuals) can take advantage of the favorable pricing and services they offer.

Debarred Suppliers/Listing

The University of Chicago is required to make payments only to suppliers who are in good standing with the federal government. As a result of this requirement, the University cannot buy or pay any supplier who is banned from doing business with the federal government. The federal government classifies these suppliers as “debarred or excluded”. This same requirement also prevents the University from reimbursing any individual for goods or services obtained from a debarred or excluded supplier.

Department/Delivery Codes