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BuySite, the University’s web-based, electronic Purchase Order system, is an application for creating, submitting, approving and tracking the status of Purchase Orders. In the eProcurement ordering application, purchase orders are identified by having the initial “W” letter description followed by six digit number.

BuySite, which uses a shopping cart methodology, allows users to select merchandise, review what they have selected, make necessary modifications or additions, and submit a request for the purchase of the merchandise in the cart. Users can shop for items by:

Other features include cart editing, requisition history, favorite’s management, PO tracking and email notifications. Departments are held accountable for the review of need, approval by account administrator, issuance and control of all electronic purchase orders.

News and Notices

3/30/14: New BuySite User Interface - Phoenix

Beginning March 30, 2014, BuySite will have a new user interface designed to provide a cleaner, more intuitive user experience. Some of the key improvements include:



For more information, please consult the Phoenix Interface Site Navigation manual (PDF) or "Navigation 101 - Phoenix User Interface" and "What's Changed with the New UI?" Additional help material is available via the interactive training videos at and classroom training opportunities can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the new user interface or require any assistance during the transition or after the conversion, please contact the Procurement and Payment Services Help Desk for support at or (773) 702-3320.

3/28/14: BuySite Weekend Maintenance - V14.1 Release

Beginning Friday 3/28/14 at 8pm (CDT) and ending Sunday 3/30/14 at 11am, BuySite will undergo maintenance and be unavailable for use as the system is upgraded to its latest version (14.1). As a reminder, this release features the debut of the new BuySite user interface, Phoenix. For more information on Phoenix, please visit this page or see below.

If you have any questions regarding the updates/new release, please contact the Procurement and Payment Services Help Desk at or (773) 702-3320.