Payroll is located on the third floor of the building on the corner of 61st & Drexel (6054 South Drexel, Suite 300). If you have a payroll question, please contact the F&A Knowledge and Support Center by calling 773-702-5800, or submitting an Ask a Payroll Question form via the ServiceNow Portal

2023 W-2 Forms Are Now Available

2023 W-2 Forms are now available for viewing and downloading in Workday. To access 2023 W-2 forms:
1.) Log on to Workday using your CNET ID and password
2.) Click on the BENEFITS and PAY worklet
3.) Click on PAY tab, then the TAX tab
4.) Click on "View/Print" (please note the download can take 1-2 minutes)

Looking for information about your tax forms? click here

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