Tax Forms

Duplicate requests for forms W2, 1099 and 1042S must be submitted using the Tax Form Request ticket service at

W2 – Wage and Tax Statement

W2 forms issued after 2015 are available in Workday under the Benefits and Pay Worklet, under the PAY and TAX tabs. Just log into Workday at Workday@UChicago to view and print the tax document.

1099 – MISC Form – United State Citizen, Permanent Resident and Resident Alien Miscellaneous Income

Form 1099 – MISC reports the following income:

  • Rent (income 11)
  • Royalties (income 12)
  • Prizes/Awards (income 13)
  • Medical and Healthcare Provider (income 17)
  • Legal Fee (income 16)
  • Services (income 16) includes, speaker, lecture, catering and other service related.
  • Settlements (income 66)
  • Stipends (income code 15) are NOT reported on a 1099, but should be self-reported when filing your taxes.

Form 1099 – MISC will be mailed to the recipient’s home address no later January 31. To request a duplicate copy of 1099 – MISC – please submit a request using the ServiceNow Portal

1042S Form – Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding

Form 1042S reports the following income:

  • Foreign Royalty Payments (Income Code 12)
  • Foreign Scholarship Stipend/Non-Degree Aid (Income Code 16)
  • Foreign Independent Contractor Services (Income Code 17)
  • Canadian Tax Treaty Benefits (Income Code 18)
  • Teacher/Researcher Tax Treaty Benefits (Income Code 19)
  • Student Tax Treaty Benefits (Income Code 20)
  • Foreign Prize/Award/Miscellaneous foreign payments (Income Code 54)

Form 1042S will be mailed to the recipients home address by March 15. For a duplicate copy of form 1042S – please submit a request using the ServiceNow Portal

1098T Form – Tuition Statement

For information on form 1098T, please contact the Bursar’s Office or visit the Bursar’s Website.