Procurement Services

Procurement Services provides integrated solutions to enhance the University's Procure-to-Pay experience. This includes establishing contracts, creating purchase orders and administering the credit card program, travel services and other specialized campus programs.

For supplier inquiries and payments, please reach out to the Shared Services Help Desk at (773)702-5800 or by using the Ask A Purchasing/Payment Question form found in the Service Now portal.

In the Spotlight 

New Visual Theme Now Available in Concur

Starting September 15, 2023, we will be providing you with access to a new visual theme called SAP Fiori with Horizon on the SAP Concur web experience. The new visual theme will give the SAP Concur (GEMS) a refreshed look and feel. You’ll also get:

  • Inclusive, accessible design for everyone
  • Light Mode, Dark Mode, and high contrast theme options

The SAP Fiori with Horizon visual theme will not change any features or functions of Concur. It is primarily a change in the look and feel of Concur for example, fonts, font sizes, icons, colors, and rounded corners. The navigation menus will also be slightly modified for both the mobile app and the web, to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

To learn more about this change and to see it in action, check out this demo video.

The Fiori with Horizon theme allows you to customize the visual appearance of Concur. The theme provides five options to choose from:

  • Concur Gateway (which was the previous look of Concur) has been retired as of October 2nd, 2023, and the SAP Fiori with Horizon visual theme is now the default.
  • Horizon Morning
  • Horizon Evening
  • Horizon high contrast white
  • Horizon high contrast black

How do I change my SAP Concur visual theme setting on the web?

To change your Concur visual theme setting on the web on September 15, 2023, follow these steps:

  1. After signing into Concur Solutions, go to Profile Settings.
  2. Under Profile Options, click System Settings.
  3. Under Appearance Settings, use the drop-down to select your preferred theme and click Save.

GEMS Policy Change 

Beginning January 1, 2023, unreconciled GEMS card expenses older than 60 days will result in suspension of GEMS card (this previously happened after 90 days), and unreconciled GEMS card expenses older than 90 days will result in expenses being considered taxable income to the employee (this previously happened at 120 days).

ODP Business Solutions, LLC formerly known as Office Depot

We would like to announce the launch of ODP Business Solutions, LLC formerly known as Office Depot. The company has a new logo, colors, and URL as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand. ODP Business Solutions, LLC can be found on the BuySite homepage under Administrative Products & Services with gold letters “ODP” and a blue background captioned (Office Supplies).

Renewal – GEMS Cards

JP Morgan Chase will automatically process and mail out your GEMS renewal card 6 weeks prior to the card expiration date. Your current card remains active until the last day of the month of the expiration date. The card will be mailed to the home address on your GEMS Application within GEMS Apply. Please review your GEMS application at (, if there is no primary home address or the address is incorrect, submit a GEMS Maintenance Form to (!/cardChange) to update your home address, you may state in the comment field “I have not received my renewal card”.  The Shared Services Office will update your card profile and have the card re-sent to your home address.

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