Procurement & Payment Services

A reimbursement to an individual (RTI) is defined as a payment to an individual for business expenses incurred on behalf of the University and paid for with personal funds. The University will reimburse individuals for business related purchases up to $500.00. Supporting documentation and proof of payment is required for all reimbursement requests. These items become the sole property of the University (Policy 1201). For a detailed list of University authorized reimbursable items refer to the Quick Reference Guide to Reimbursable Expenses.

The University may only reimburse reasonable and prudent business expenses. Examples of non-reimbursable expenditures include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal in nature
  • Responsibility of another entity
  • Services rendered by a company or individual

Method of Reimbursement

Refer to the PPS Preferred Purchasing Methods for guidelines prior to making a purchase.