ePayment Request

The ePayment Request tool replaces the familiar Direct Payment Voucher (DPV), Travel Advance (TRA), and Petty Cash Reimbursement forms. It will streamline requests, reduce entry errors, speed up the approval and payment processes, increase transparency, and reduce paper usage. The ePayment Request process is comprised of two online applications; a web form for initiating the payment request and the existing OnBase application for review and approval/rejection of payment requests. More information is found via the links found immediately below:

  1. Request a Payment
  2. Approve a Payment (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)

(Internet Explorer - 11.0)
(Mozilla Firefox - 31 ESR and Standard)
(Safari - 7.0 or higher)
(Chrome - Is now supported)

Helpful Tools

ePayment Access

  1. ePayment Request Form for initiating a request
    • All full-time benefit eligible University employees have automatic access to the ePayment Request Form.
    • Non full-time benefit eligible University employees with a CNetID, complete the Access to ePayment Request Form.
  2. OnBase access for approving a request
    • If you are an Authorized Signer on an FAS account, you already have access to OnBase ePayment.
    • If you are not an Authorized Signer on an FAS account and you need access to review OnBase activity that you have entered into ePayment, please send an email with your name and CNetID/UCHAD to ceikon-support@lists.uchicago.edu. Please note that OnBase access is "View Only" and you will not be able to modify any content within OnBase.

ePayment Quick Reference Guides

Approving ePayment Requests - Authorized Signer
Submitting ePayment Requests - Requestor

ePayment Quick Reference Card

Authorized Signer
OnBase Document Retrieval
Query OnBase 

 Classroom Training

  1. ePayment Training [click here]
    • This course is for departments that are or soon will be using the ePayment tool to initiate, review, approve or reject a payment request.


Authorized Signer Questions
General Questions
Requestor Questions