Paying Research Subject Testing Fees

Paying Research Subject Testing Fees via Petty Cash

A research subject-testing fee is a payment to an individual participating as a subject in scientific research project. Payments $100 or less per occurrence may be paid from petty cash.

Cash that has been obtained for the specific purpose of paying research subject fees cannot be used for:

  • The payment of miscellaneous office expenses such as: cab fare, postage, tolls, parking,
  • Personal loans, salary advances or as a check cashing fund
  • The payment of personal services (i.e., typing, photography, entertainers, caterers, etc.) that would be considered either as wages (salary) or independent contractor payments
  • For additional human research subject restrictions, please visit Independent Contractor Services

Petty Cash Funds must be established through Financial Services (Accounting Services) and should be used when the research project is an “ongoing” project. If the research subject-testing project is a “one-time” event, the principal investigator should request a Cash Advance.