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Find information on booking, discounts, policies, and forms for University business travel and special events.

Travel Program Overview

Travel Expense Voucher. Employee travel must be reported through the GEMS system.

UChicago Guest Travel Airline Ticket Request Authorization

Guidelines for Planning, Negotiating and Conducting Contract Review for Hotel and Event Agreements

Making Reservations

  • Concur Travel is the online booking tool for UC employees to make travel arrangements. Visitors and students should contact the sponsoring deparment for further guidance regarding their individual travel arrangements.
  • Setting up a Conference – The University’s designated travel agency can help you with group rates and meeting room reservations in the Chicago area or elsewhere.

Travel Agencies
Tower Travel Management

New Tower Travel Management Fees
Effective August 20, 2012 through July 31, 2015
Concur Travel Online Booking Fee - No Charge
Agent Assisted Reservations @ $20.00

Discount Programs Available for UChicago Business Travel
The University has negotiated with local and nationwide vendors to offer University business travelers hotel, airline, livery and car rental discounts.

Fly America Act
The Fly America Act affects which airlines you are allowed to utilize when traveling on U.S. federal grants and contracts. Recent international treaties referred to as "Open Skies Agreements" provide a limited exception to the Fly America Act. In the United States-European Union Open Skies Agreement, travelers may use a U.S. flag airline or any European Union (EU) airline when traveling from the United States to EU countries. The following link Fly America Act provides updated information on the federal regulation.

Air/Car/Hotel Discount Programs

Helpful Websites for International Travel

Before you depart, review information on topics such as staying connected in a foreign country, hotel safety and commuting by car.

  • Helpful Websites for International Travel
  • Helpful Information for Travel to Beijing
  • Helpful Information for Travel to India
  • International Travel Tips
  • Passport and Visa Assistance

  • UChicago Traveler
    UChicago Traveler is a secure website for students, faculty, and staff to register University-related international travel plans and contact information. The registry allows the University of Chicago to better assist its students, faculty, and staff overseas, including in emergencies or times of crisis.

    Once registered, you'll automatically be enrolled in the University's International Travel Emergency Assistance Program, as well as receive links for international travel information and policies, details about the University's overseas centers, and our Alumni clubs around the world.

  • Emergency Assistance When Traveling Abroad
    International SOS Card The University partners with InternationalSOS (ISOS) to provide assistance services to faculty, students and staff traveling overseas on University sponsored travel. ISOS can assist in the event of a life threatening medical emergency, natural disaster or political unrest. Please note coverage is not meant to cover non-life threatening medical emergencies. You need to be prepared to pay for non-covered services. ISOS can also assist you if you need information on local medical facilities, lose your medication, or need emergency translation or interpreter services for medical or security concerns. Always carry the ISOS ID card (printable copy above) with you while traveling internationally. In the event you are unable to access electronic devices you will need the account number to access services. You can download the mobile phone application ( Call collect if necessary. The Risk Management website contains additional information.

Paying for Travel

University travel can be paid for by using the GEMS Card, by acquiring an advance or via personal funds. If personal funds are used, employees must seek reimbursement via the GEMS System.

Getting Reimbursed

Travel for all non-employees should be reported on a Travel Expense Voucher. Employee travel must be reported through the GEMS system.

Other Travel Resources

Traveler's Tips - International

Resources and guidelines from the Provost's Office for international trip organizers and undergraduate participants. Resources for travel outside the USA below:

• Tax Recovery on International Travel Expenses.  In countries that assess local but recoverable taxes such as the Value Added Tax (VAT) in Europe and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Canada, it is imperative that you obtain and submit detailed original receipts in order for the tax to be reclaimed for the University.

Passport Photos (available from the Chicago Card office)

• University of Chicago Hospitals Travel Clinic offers expert care both before and after your trip. Services range from immunizations, consultations, and preventative medicine to post-travel care in the event of an illness.

Center for Disease Control Travel Information

Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets

Visa and SSN /ITIN Requirements for Forign Vistors

The University can pay a foreign visitor's travel expenses and other fees as long as the visitor holds the correct visa for the particular type of payment to be issued. In addition, the visitor must have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for non-travel payments such as employment, a one-time lecture fee, or an honorarium.

Financial Policies

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