Request a Payment


  1. Verification of:
    • Citizenship status - US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or foreign national.
    • Employment status. Check with the Shared Services Help Desk at 773-702-5800 
  2.  Selection of payment type:
    • Consulting
    • Entertainers
    • Honorarium
    • Human Research/Research Subject
    • Lecture Fee/Speaker Fee
    • Legal Services
    • Medical Services
    • One Time Lectures
    • Prize and Award
    • Rent and Leases
    • Royalties, Permission and User fee
  3. Determination of required documentation, Please refer to Independent Contractor Pay Matrix
  4. Complete request via ePayment and attach all the necessary documents stated on the pay matrix and send it to:

          Independent Contractor Desk
          Financial Services - Payroll
          6054 S Drexel Ave Suite 400
          Chicago, IL 60637