Independent Contractor Services

Required Documents for Payment to Foreign Independent Contractors

Permanent Resident

  • Copy of Permanent Resident Card or I-551 stamp in passport
  • W9 Form

Permanent Resident Applicant


  • UPP-192
  • Passport Stamp indicating Asylee or Refugee status
  • Passport Picture Page
  • W9 Form

All Other Visa Statuses

Payments to Foreign Individuals

Matrix for Making Independent Contractor Payments

Taxes for Foreign Independent Contractor Services

Please click here for Taxes for Independent Contractor Services

9/5/6 Honorarium Rule (B Visa and WB Status Only)

9 = Cannot perform services at the University of Chicago for an activity lasting longer than 9 days. (Individual can be on campus for longer than 9 days, but the actual service cannot be longer than 9 days).

5 = Cannot have accepted payments for services from more than 5 institutions…

6 = in the last 6 months.