Bid Procedure

SUBJECT: Solicitation of Request for Quotations for supplies, equipment, and purchased services

PURPOSE: Competitive bidding process for purchases of $25,000 and greater

The practice of soliciting competitive quotations serves to stimulate competition among prospective suppliers. For the process to be successful, an adequate number of suppliers must exist, and those suppliers must want additional business. When this business environment exists, competitive solicitations (for precisely specified requirements of significant dollar value) will usually yield a positive result. It is important to note that the "playing field" must be level for all competitors for this process to work successfully.

Recognizing the importance of the process as a sound business practice, the Federal Government requires of the University under federal regulations that formal competitive solicitation process on all quotations with expected dollar value of $25,000 and greater to be conducted. The conduct of solicitations and related documentation at this level may be performed by the issuing department, but Shared Services, Procurement Services or a designated Procurement Center as allowed under University Financial Policy 1201 must review the award and justification prior to completing the purchase.

By definition, the issuance of an agreement, contract, purchase order or other form of authority to proceed with a supplier shall be termed as an award. Departments may only conduct business transactions utilizing the standard University purchase order system, BuySite. Issuance of an agreement or contract as a result of a department solicitation shall be reviewed by Shared Services, Procurement Services or a designated Procurement Center.