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Required Documents for Payment to Foreign Scholarship/Fellowship

Change to Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident Applicant


All Other Visa Statuses

Payments to Foreign Individuals  

Taxes for Foreign Scholarship Stipend/Fellowship

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Aliens Studying Overseas

Resident for Tax Alien Studying Overseas

This person has been in the US long enough under a visa status that allowed this person to become a Resident Alien for Tax Purposes (RA). As a RA, this person is not exempt from taxes because s/he is studying outside of the US. RAs are taxed on their worldwide income.

Nonresident for Tax Alien Studying Overseas

This person has never been to the US (other than tourist or short business activities) or has been in the US for a short enough period to be considered a Nonresident Alien for Tax Purposes (NRA).

Post Doctoral Fellowships