What constitutes a gift?

A gift is defined by the Development Office as "A voluntary transfer of property made without consideration, which may or may not be restricted as to its use." All gifts (as well as grants) must be processed through the University of Chicago Development Office.

Types of gifts

A. Unrestricted - A gift for the University’s general unrestricted use or charitable purposes (including Annual Fund gifts).
B. Restricted - Any gift which is not for the University's general unrestricted use is considered a "restricted gift" and should be accounted for according to its restrictions.

Levels of Restrictions within Restricted Gifts:
1.  Division/Department’s general support
2.  Specific purpose within a Division or Department
     (i.e. Scholarships/Fellowships, Research in a specific field (could
     be a specific researcher), Student Prizes, Facilities maintenance)

Instructions for requesting a new Gift Account

  1. Determine if the contribution is an unrestricted or restricted gift. It must be a “Restricted Gift” in order to request a new gift account.
  2. Review the existing restricted gift accounts within your department to determine whether an appropriate account already exists for the gift.
  3. Complete Form 70 to request a Ledger 6 account.
  4. Submit the following to
         a. Form 70
         b. A signed Letter of Gift or Instruction from person or company
             giving gift
         c. Copy of check(s) or payment advice
         d. Any additional pertinent information

What is an Associate Account?

An associate account is directly related to a master account that is used for budgetary purposes. Sub-accounts known as budgetary pools are created within the associate account to allocate expenditures according to their intended use.

Instructions for requesting a new Associate Account for Gifts

  1. Complete Form 70 to request an associate account.
  2. Submit the following to
         a. Form 70 and Part II
         b. Itemized budget memo of the sub-accounts to create with their
             corresponding budgeted amounts

Who to contact?

For further information, contact:
Ron Kosary,