Policy 2704: Use of University Facilities

Subject Area: Miscellaneous
Responsible Office: Community and Governmental Affairs, Financial Services, Office of Legal Counsel
Sponsor: Vice President for Community Affairs & Vice President & General Counsel
Originally Issued: May 1996
Revised: October 2007, February 2010
Refer Questions To: Community and Governmental Affairs

Purpose: To establish policy guidelines which address the use of University facilities.


There are frequent requests by non-University groups/individuals to use the facilities of the University for lectures, meetings and social events. As a not-for-profit educational organization, and as an organization with substantial facilities built or renovated with tax-exempt bond proceeds, any such request must be consistent with the University's stated purposes as well as applicable law.

Any group/individual seeking to use University facilities must be financially responsible for appropriate charges for use of the facility and for any damages that my result from such use. To assure this, an outside group/individual must be sponsored by a University group/individual who will undertake full responsibility for the use of the facility.

No University facility will be used for any political fund-raising.

While use of University facilities by non-University related groups/individuals is not encouraged, upon approval of the Vice President Community and Governmental Affairs, and the Vice President and General Counsel, groups seeking to raise funds for purposes which support the University and its community may be permitted to use University facilities.

No use by outside for-profit entities of University facilities financed with the proceeds of tax-exempt bonds is permitted without the approval of the Associate Vice President for Finance or the Vice President and General Counsel.