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Financial Services


Financial Policies

Financial Policies delineate responsibility, authority and accountability for the financial operations of the University. Other University policies, such as Administrative Policies, Employee Policies, and Information Technology Policies, can be found by clicking here.

Policy statements are sequenced by section and identified by a four digit numeric code. The first two digits identify the subject area, while the third and fourth digits indicate the specific policy within the subject area. For example, policy number 1210 identifies the tenth policy of subject area 12, Procurement/Disbursements.

Each policy statement is presented in a standardized format. The first section identifies the policy number and policy title. The next section of each page indicates the subject area, responsible office, the office or group having the authority to approve changes to the policy, issue date, and revision date. This is followed by the actual policy information.

1000 Accounting

1200 Procurement/Disbursements

1300 Capital Planning and Budget Process

1400 Financial Reporting

1500 Cash

1600 Investments

1700 Loans and Receivables

1800 Debt Financing

2100 Sponsored Programs

2300 Gifts and Private Grants

2400 Payroll

2500 Student Financial Assistance

2700 Miscellaneous