Policy 2114: Facilities and Administration (F&A) and Benefit Rate Proposal Preparation

Subject Area: Sponsored Awards
Responsible Office: Financial Services
Sponsor: Chief Financial Officer
Originally Issued: February 1981
Revised: February 2010, December 2014
Refer Questions To: Christine Sorensen, 773-702-2398

Purpose: To establish responsibility for preparing F&A and Benefit Rate Proposals and negotiating such rates with the University's Federal cognizant agency.


  1. Financial Services is responsible for preparing the indirect cost rate proposals submitted to its Federal cognizant agency.
  2. University departments will provide to Financial Services information that is needed to complete the proposals.
  3. The proposal will be prepared in accordance with federal regulations.
  4. The proposal is to be reviewed and approved by the Chief Financial Officer in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Finance prior to their submission to the Federal cognizant agency.