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Check Cancellations

How do I get a payment cancelled from the Account Payable System?

Financial Services is responsible for the replacement of lost, misplaced, or destroyed University checks that are less than one year old. Stop payments, check cancellations, and reissuances may be requested by completing a Departmental Check Cancellation Form. For more information, please refer to the Instructions for Completing Check Cancellation Request Form.

Lost, misplaced, or destroyed University checks that are greater than one year old are considered unclaimed property and are managed by Financial Services.

For additional information, see University Policy 2703, Reissuance of Forged, Lost, Misplaced or Destroyed Checks.


How do I get an internal loan?
Each unit seeking an internal loan must submit a "Request for Internal Loan" (see forms list) application form to the Budget Office, which will be reviewed by the Budget Office and then forwarded to the Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer for approval. Once approved, the internal loan will be forwarded to Financial Services for implementation.


How do I get a copy of a DP, JV, etc?
Copies of documents can be obtained by contacting the Financial Services Document Request Website.

How do I get a copy of a W-9?
Email us for more information.


What is the definition of equipment?
An item of nonexpendable, tangible personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost that is $5,000 or more. Total cost includes freight, in-transit insurance, installation, and any modification or accessories necessary to make the equipment usable. This includes multiple items that are purchased on one purchase order, that work together as a unit with a combined cost of $5,000.

How do I dispose of University owned Equipment?
Departments must notify the Property Management section of Financial Services when equipment in their area is stolen or discarded as junk. The department should send the Equipment Disposal Form (see forms list) to the Property Management area. The tag should be pulled from the equipment before it is destroyed, discarded, or salvaged.

How do I dispose of Government Equipment?
Government owned equipment - requires Government approval before the equipment is disposed. Once Government approval is obtained, the same procedures for University owned equipment transfers or disposals should be followed.

What do I need to do to transfer equipment to another university?
To transfer equipment to another institution requires approval of Financial Services based upon written recommendation of the head of the Department or the administrative Dean, Vice President, or Director. A list of the equipment transferred should be sent to Financial Servicesalong with the Disposal form.

General Accounting

What is an Agency Account?
Agency Funds consists of funds in the custody of the University which belongs to an outside organization. Examples are student activities, conferences, affiliated organizations, and publishing advances to faculty who edit journals.

How do I read my eLedgers or who can help me with eLedger questions?
Email us for assistance.


How to get a copy of my annual tax forms?
For tax year 2015 and after, log into Workday.

If you cannot obtain your W-2 form from ESS, or if you need a duplicate 1099 or 1042-S you must request a duplicate copy in writing. You must include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • What year and form is being requested (i.e. 2014 W2)
  • If the form will be picked up or will need to be mailed

Please wait 15 days after January 31 (1099 or W2) or March 15 (1042S) to contact Payroll Services. Tax forms will not be faxed or allowed to be picked up by a third party.

Please use the following contact email addresses:

Please contact the Bursar's Office for information regarding form 1098T.

How do I start or change my direct deposit?

  1. Log into Workday using your CNet ID and password
  2. Click on the PAY worklet
  3. Under the ACTIONS section, click on Payment Elections
  4. Add or change direct deposit account information
  5. Be sure to allocate the distribution of your funds under the Payment Elections section

The University uses the pre-note process for verifying routing and account numbers when setting up direct deposit. Once you have entered your direct deposit information, it can take up to two (2) pay cycles for the direct deposit to take effect. During the pre-note process, employees will receive a paper check on payday that will be available for pick up within the employee's department.

How do I change my Federal W-4 withholding?

  1. Log into Workday using your CNet ID and password
  2. Click on the PAY worklet
  3. Under the ACTIONS section, click on Withholding Elections
  4. Under the Federal Elections tab, click on RECORD
  5. Enter today's date as the effective date and click OK
  6. Enter Federal elections and click OK

How do I change my Illinois W-4 withholding?

  1. Download IL-W-4 form and complete the form
  2. Log into Workday using your CNet ID and password
  3. Click on the PERSONAL INFORMATION worklet
  4. Under the VIEW section, click on Worker Documents
  5. Click on ADD and upload your IL-W-4 form

If you live/work outside of Illinois, you may upload your state withholding document per the above instructions. The University may not be registered to withhold taxes in your state. You will be contacted by Payroll Services if we cannot provide tax withholding.

How do I find the Monthly and Biweekly deadlines?
Click here.

How do I obtain a copy of my pay stub?

Payslips for payments made after January 1, 2015 can be obtained through Workday.

  1. Click on the PAY worklet
  2. Under the PAYSLIPS section, choose the appropriate pay period
  3. Payslips may be printed by clicking on the Print Payslip Image on the top of the screen

How do I fill out a handwritten time card?

Blank time cards can be obtained from Payroll Services at 6054 Drexel Avenue, or by contacting 
- Pay Period (pay period ending date) - department number at top right of card
- Employee name. Last, first
- Sequence number (B) leave blank
- Employee number is the social security number. (C)
- Job code
- Job number

- Earnings code, hours worked under REGULAR. Earnings code, hours worked under OVERTIME. Under OTHER PAID HOURS list sick, vacation, personal holiday, holiday, premium pay, other absence paid, etc.

- Total of all hours from section (D), HOURS WORKED.
- Base rate of pay - Check box that best describes this time card new/transferred, late, replacement, etc..

- Short description, earnings code and amount (only one amount per earnings code).

- Absence code and hours. Examples: EAU, UAU, ODU. Only use an absence code once.
- In/Out hours must be completed
- Dates must be filled in (center of bottom of time card)
- Total hours per day under Regular Hours Worked
- Shift, D,E or N - Total overtime hours per day
- Hours absent and Absence code
- Remarks, if necessary


BACK OF CARD - Top - Department number, pay period and employee name - Account number

How can I stop my parking deduction?
You must contact the appropriate parking office, University Parking or Hospital Parking, to cancel your parking and return everything, i.e. hangtag, transponder, etc.

I didn't receive my savings bond(s). Do you know when I can expect my savings bonds?
Please call 1-800-553-2663. Select option 4, then 2 to reach Customer Service.

You will need the SSN of the owner, NOT the purchaser, to see when the bond was printed and, if available, details of what happened to the bond.

If you continue to have questions, please contact payroll at 773-795-9943.



How do I use the University's BuySite system to place an order?
Click here.

How do I get help with a purchase order payment?
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How do I pay an invoice for something that did not have a Purchase Order to begin with (Also known as the Direct Payment Voucher - DPV)?
Click here.

How do I handle an agreement document sent to me from a hotel where we need to reserve rooms for a special event or meeting?
Click here.

How do I find out if a supplier/vendor/independent contractor is registered with the University?
Click here.

How do I get help related to a problem with my BuySite purchase order?
Click here.

How do I get a purchasing/payables form?
Click here.


How do I find out if my direct payment voucher (DPV) has been paid?
Go to the department administrator where you turned in your receipts. Ask him/her if your direct payment voucher has been submitted. If it has been submitted, ask for the control number of the DPV, then give Purchasing and Payment Services a call with the DPV number and a representative will be able to locate the voucher and tell you if it has been paid or not.

How do I get a lost direct payment voucher paid?
If a DPV is lost the department can request it be paid from a copy. To process the DPV from a copy you must submit a copy of the DPV to the authorized signer for their original signature. Include a memo from the payee that states the description of the items purchased, what it cost, the business purpose of the purchase, and the date of the purchase. Also, include the statement "I will not seek reimbursement from any other source."

A second memo is also required from the department stating that if a duplicate payment is made the department will be responsible for returning the duplicate payment. Also include a brief description of what was purchased and the DPV control number.

How do I find out if a check has been cashed?
To find out if a check has been cashed contact Ellen Edwards in the Bursar's office. Be prepared to tell her the name of the payee, the check number, and the date the check was cut.

How do I find out if my check is ready for pick up?
On the direct payment voucher there is a section for Hold at Bursars. You should include the extension associated with your department in that box. The Bursar's Office will not call this number. It is required for filing purposes. When you call the Bursar's Office, give them your pick up number and they can locate your check.

Sponsored Programs

How do I get an account created?
Sponsored Award Accounting creates an account automatically when an award is distributed by University Research Administration. Your department may be contacted for attribute information such as Account Administrators and Account Signers when required for the set up of the account.

How do I get an invoice generated?
Sponsored Award Accounting is responsible for the invoicing of awards. Invoicing requirements are identified in the terms and conditions of the award document and are identified by a unique attribute in the Financial Accounting System (FAS). Copies of invoices are provided to the department.

How do I do a Late Cost Transfer thru ACCTS?
Late cost transfers (non payroll expenditure transfers) are not permitted in the Account Transfer module of the ACCTS system.

Can you correct my ACCTS and/or PETS entry for me?
No, Sponsored Award Accounting cannot make corrections to the transfer systems.

How do I get a no-cost extension and when does FAS get changed for a no-cost extension?
All no-cost extension requests must be processed through University Research Administration. The Financial Accounting System (FAS) gets changed when the notification of the approved extension is distributed by University Research Administration.

How does FAS know only to charge indirect costs on the first $25,000 of a subcontract?
The subaccount range 86XX is used to record the budget and expenditures associated with each subaward. Sponsored Award Accounting (SAA) is responsible for setting up a unique subaccount for each subcontract. At the same time, the Financial Accounting System support group is notified in writing by SAA, that only the first $25,000 of the subaward should be subject to indirect costs. This "notification in writing" has to be programmed in FAS before any expenditures are charged to the unique subaccount that has been set up.

Why can't late cost transfers be processed thru ACCTS?
The Cost Transfer module of ACCTS replaces the paper Expenditure Transfer (Comptroller Form 61). The module is not configured however, to provide the date of the transaction that is being transferred and therefore cannot identify that late cost transfer documentation is required.

What are the procedures behind getting a Late Cost Transfer Approved?
A "Request for Late Cost Transfer Form" must accompany a late cost transfer. Certain information has to be filled in on the form for the account to be charged and the account to be credited. This information includes the FAS account number; the grant/contract number, the funding agency, budget period beginning and end dates, etc. The form requires an explanation as to the circumstances that caused the transfer not to be made timely and if those circumstances were management problems, explain how those will be corrected. Finally the Late Cost Transfers require the signatures of the Principal Investigator, the Account Administrator, the Chairperson and the Dean's representative.

Why is another account required for a multi-year award?
Separate accounts are required for awards if a carryover from one year to the next is not allowed (i.e. prior approval of carryover of funds is required). The terms and conditions of the award should be reviewed for carryover requirements.

Why am I asked to delay charging my cost sharing associate account after it is created?
Sponsored Award Accounting (SAA) is responsible for notifying the Financial Accounting System support group in writing, that the expenditures that are charged to a cost sharing account need to be transferred to the cost sharing counterpart account. The Sponsored Award Accountant will notify the department when this programming has been completed and the cost sharing account is ready to receive charges.