Airline Ticket – Domestic and International

Note: Even if you are not required to present a receipt, you must detail each item of expense on the Travel Expense Voucher, Travel Expense Envelope, or blank sheet of paper.

What is the allowable level of expense?

  • Lowest available non-refundable economy.
  • Airfare costs in excess of the lowest available non-refundable economy discount airfare or First or Business Class are allowable only when approved in advance by the respective Dean, Vice President or the Provost.
  • International travel funded by federal funds must comply with the Fly America Act (See 41 CFR 10.131-10.143) which generally requires use of a U.S. Flag carrier.

How do I make my travel arrangements?

  • U of C Preferred Travel Agencies

How do I pay for the travel expense?

  • Corporate credit card, personal credit card, or cash

What level of audit will my Account Reviewer provide?

  • The expense does not exceed budget limitations
  • The expense is appropriate for the account
  • Documentation and expense amount complies with University policy and each unit’s specific restrictions
  • Advance approval documentation must be provided for ALL First or Business Class travel. For expenses to be accounted for as an allowable expense, the approval documentation must state that a lower airfare would have:
  • Required circuitous routing
  • Required travel during unreasonable hours
  • Excessively prolonged travel
  • Greatly increased flight duration
  • Increased costs that would have offset transportation savings, or Inadequately addressed the medical needs of the traveler.
  • Costs not documented as allowable must be charged to sub account 9912 and MAY NOT be charged to federal awards.
  • Compliance with Fly America Act for international travel on federal awards.

What documentation do I need to be reimbursed?

Passenger receipt if flight expense is $75 or more.

First or Business Class travel requires documented pre-approval following the hierarchy demonstrated below:

  • President must be approved by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  • Provost must be approved by the President or Chief Financial Officer.
  • Chief Financial Officer must be approved by the President.
  • Deans must be approved by the Provost.
  • Officers must be approved by either the Chief Financial Officer, Provost or President.
  • First or Business Class travel for all other staff or faculty requires documented approval in advance by their respective Dean, Vice President, or the Provost.