Other Business Expenses

What is the allowable level of expense?

  • Reasonable expenses
  • Travelers hosting events away from campus or on extended travel may incur charges for equipment rental, supplies, or delivery services. These are business expenses and should not be charged to a travel sub account.

How do I make my travel arrangements?

  • Not Applicable

How do I pay for the travel expense?

  • Credit card or cash
  • May be itemized on hotel bill

What level of audit will my Account Reviewer provide?

  • The expense is appropriate for the account
  • Expenses must be charged to a non-travel sub account
  • What documentation do I need to be reimbursed? List amount and type of expense
  • Do not include with lodging
  • Original receipt required in all cases regardless of amount.
  • Please refer to the University's Supporting Documentation Standards for detailed receipt requirements, dollar thresholds and other related topics.