What is the allowable level of expense?

  • Select either actual expenses or per diem for entire trip


  • Single room rate

Per Diem

  • If you are going to select per diem for lodging, you must also select per diem for meals. Generally, per diem is appropriate only for longer trips to locations where lodging rates are low.
  • Federal lodging daily per diem rate for destination subject to your unit's restrictions. Refer to Federal Per Diem Rates on the University's TravelNet website.
  • Per diems are for University employees only. Refer to Traveler Tips, Per Diem Reimbursements

How do I make my travel arrangements?

  • U of C Preferred Travel Agencies
  • Contact hotel directly

How do I pay for the travel expense?

  • Credit card or cash

What level of audit will my Account Reviewer provide?

  • Hotel bill indicates single occupancy.
  • If per diem selected for lodging, it must also be selected for meals (8-Citation/regulation IRS Regulation 463, "Standard Meal Allowance, Per Diem and Car Allowances.")
  • For per diem: rate claimed agrees with federal daily rate, subject to your unit's specific restrictions
  • For the first and last days of travel, request only the prorated portion. Refer to Rules on Prorating Per Diem.

What documentation do I need to be reimbursed?

  • Hotel bill for room and tax in all cases regardless of amount. Detailed receipt required when charged to a Federal grant.
  • Report any other charges on the bill in the appropriate category (e.g., meals, parking, incidentals)
  • If you share a room with another University traveler, explain on the original receipt how you are splitting the charges and requesting reimbursement. The easiest way is to let the individual who paid for the room request reimbursement and list other travelers on the receipt.

Per Diem.

  • Request the Federal daily per diem rate for destination. No receipt required.
  • For the first and last days of travel, request only the prorated portion while. Refer to Rules on Prorating Per Diem.