Car Rental, Insurance - International

What is the allowable level of expense?

  • Collision damage waiver or equivalent

How do I make my travel arrangements?

  • Not Applicable

How do I pay for the travel expense?

  • Included in car rental agreement
  • Credit card or cash

What level of audit will my Account Reviewer provide?

  • Compliance with this policy

What documentation do I need to be reimbursed?

  • Foreign travel: insurance charges will be on the original receipt for car rental

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

When traveling on University business, you will most likely spend money on airfare, hotels, meals, and other incidental items, such as tips to sky caps and porters, business phone calls, and cab fares. Subject to your department's approval, the University will reimburse you for some of these expenses. However, for others it will not. Examples of some of the non-reimbursable items would include:

  • Pay TV and video rentals
  • Personal entertainment such as attending a professional sports event
  • Health club fees
  • Domestic car rental collision and damage waiver (CDW) insurance
  • Personal injury (PI) insurance coverages. Refer to Travel Accident Insurance.

The Traveler should assume that any item not specifically addressed in Section VI, Allowable Travel Expenses of Travel Policy 1202 is not allowed as a University travel expense. You should be familiar enough with the Travel Policy 1202 to be aware of what can and what cannot be reimbursed.

Note: Individual units (e.g., schools, departments, institutes, divisions) have budgetary oversight for travel expenditures and therefore may establish travel procedures which reduce allowable expenses to a level below that available through the University policy. A unit may also require a greater degree of documentation for expenses than the University policy. Therefore prior to taking a trip, travelers should consult with the unit that is providing funding to see if the unit has requirements that are more restrictive than University policy. AdmiNET also provides a Reimbursements to Individuals Quick Reference Guide.