Business Meals (Local and Out-of-Town)

Business meals are defined as meals taken with students, donors, colleagues, or individuals from companies during which specific University business discussions take place.

What is the allowable level of expense?

  • Actual expenses

How do I make my travel arrangements?

  • Not Applicable

How do I pay for the travel expense?

  • Credit card or cash

What level of audit will my Account Reviewer provide?

  • Must be charged to an unallowable sub account 30XX. Refer to Financial Policy 1013 for additional information on the treatment of Unallowable Costs.
  • Required information detailing specific business purpose and attendees

What documentation do I need to be reimbursed?

  • Receipt(s) are required in all cases regardless of dollar amount. Please refer to the University's Supporting Documentation Standards for receipt requirements.
  • Receipt(s) must include date, name and location of restaurant and amount of expense (5-Citation/regulation IRS Regulation 463, "How to Prove Expenses"). Detailed receipts are preferred.

The submitted expense report must include:

  • Specific Business purpose of the meal
  • Names and business relationship of the individuals attending:
    • If an individual is not a University employee, the name of the company or institution that the individual represents must be provided.
    • If more than 10 people attend, they may be identified as a single body.
  • Business Meals are not to be charged to a grant or contract unless the terms specifically allow it: Sponsored Awards must approve and activate the sub account before you may charge a grant or contract. Detailed receipts are required for all Business Meals charged to a Federal grant or contract.