User Guide for Local Business Center (LBC)

The business functions of purchasing and payable activity up to the dollar threshold of $25,000 have been incorporated into the Local Business Center (LBC). Procurement and accounts payable assistance will be provided to you by your Faculty Service Representative (FSR). The FSR is your first contact for obtaining information on sourcing references and identifying those suppliers now under contract with the University.

The LBC may also staff a full-time Buyer/Contract Specialist (Buyer) to assist the FSR with planning and procurement. The Buyer is responsible for compliance issues related to procurement and will assist with planning, preparation, sourcing or pricing on purchases up to $25,000.

Purchases which are anticipated to be $25,000 or more are managed by Procurement and Payment Services (the combined operations of the former University Purchasing Department and Accounts Payable Department of the Comptroller's Office) in conjunction with FSR/Buyer and initiator.

The University encourages the initiator to use information about sources of products and services and competitive pricing agreements available through your LBC.

The University recognizes that many purchases may be improved by the involvement and expertise of the initiator. The flexibility to acquire goods and services quickly, more efficiently, and with full utilization of the information previously gathered by the initiator are a few of the benefits the LBC will provide to the initiator. Your participation is recommended in these transactions, but not required.