Federal Express

I need to establish an account with Federal Express, what should I do?

Submit a purchase request (form 100) to Procurement and Payment Services, referencing the following information:

  1. One FAS account number
  2. Authorized signature on the account
  3. Requsitioner (contact person who will manage the account
  4. Contact phone number and 4-digit departmental code number

Procurement and Payment Services will establish a Standing Order number which is required in order to set up an account with Federal Express.

Once the Federal Express Standing Order has been establish, do I need to renew each year?

No, all departments which have an established standing order number with Federal Express do not need to send a request to renew each year. All Standing Orders will be automatically renewed by Procurement and Payment Services.

Can I use more than one (1) FAS account on my Standing Order?

Only one FAS account number is allowed on each standing order request.

What should I do if I need to change an account number, or if the account number is frozen?

Submit an account code change by contacting the Shared Services Help Desk at 773.702.5800, email pps@uchicago.edu, or submit an Ask a Procurement/Payment inquiry form available on the online portal.

  1. New FAS account number
  2. Old FAS account number
  3. Authorized signature on account
  4. Requisitioner (contact person who will manage the account)
  5. Federal Express account number and Purchase Order Number

I need to cancel my Federal Express Standing Order, what should I do?

Submit to Procurement and Payment Services, Purchase Order Form 100 (also known as purchase request) noting to cancel order in its entirety. Make sure to reference the purchase order number.

It is very important that you state the reason for the purchase order cancellation. Some reasons for cancellations are:


  • Purchase order no longer needed
  • Departmental staff changes
  • Government grants/project expired