BuySite Invoice Module

The University of Chicago is updating BuySite with new capabilities to provide:

  • Improved efficiency of invoice payments by electronically routing invoices for approval, eliminating the need to move paper across campus or to email approval requests.
  • Digitized invoice data, improving accuracy by reducing errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Increased visibility to invoice and payment status. BuySite users will have the ability to view and search for invoices and purchase orders (POs) (i.e., search by vendor, remaining balance, or payment status).

Support Resources:

  • Online Resources

    How does this affect me?   

    If you create or approve orders in BuySite:

    • All invoices received after the launch of the module that are associated with POs you created or approved, will be visible in BuySite.
    • You may receive approval notifications from BuySite, alerting you that you need to approve an invoice in the system before payment is released.

    When is this update available in BuySite?

    BuySite updates will roll out in two phases:

    • Pilot starts on October 8th for IME, SSD, BSD - Pathology, BSD – PPS and MGCB 
    • Campus roll out is scheduled for early December 2018

    Which invoices will require approval?

    Only invoices associated with a PO number will be visible in BuySite. The diagram below summarizes when invoices may require approval.

    • If the invoice and PO match, and the PO is less than $5,000 the invoice will be paid according to terms with no action required.
    • PO invoices over $5,000 will require invoice approval by the PO creator prior to payment

    If an invoice amount does not match the PO amount, both the PO creator and the Authorized Signer are required to approve the invoice prior to payment

    BuySite Invoice Workflow

    BS Invoice Workflow.png