The following classes are offered by the University of Chicago Training Department and represent courses designed for individuals interfacing with Financial Services and related items:

Upcoming Brown Bag Lunches

The Brown Bag Lunch series continues. Brown Bag Lunches are a great opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions, give suggestions, and learn more about our various services.

BuySite Fundamentals
This class is for new accounts only! This course will cover the fundamentals of creating and approving requisitions in the University's online procurement system, BuySite.

eLedgers: Introduction for Staff

The University of Chicago Electronic Ledger Project, eLedgers, is the Financial Services' program to move the distribution of University paper ledgers to an easy to view electronic system. The electronic ledgers are available to all authorized University FAS administrators with a valid CNET ID. This class will teach you how to navigate the system and how to retrieve your eLedgers from your desktop.

Financial Accounting System (FAS) On-Line Access
FAS on-line access provides users with an electronic version of the AM090 (Account Statement in Whole Dollars) and the AM091 (Report of Transactions). Users may also view account attributes such as account administrator, authorized signer, principal investigator or indirect cost rate. This class is designed for account administrators, authorized signers and staff with account management responsibilities.

Financial Accounting System (FAS) Overview
This class focuses on the Comptroller's Office Unrestricted Funds function and familiarizes participants with the University's Financial Accounting System (FAS). It includes an in-depth discussion of the basic FAS Account Statement (AM090) and Report of Transactions (AM091). In the first part of the class, we review basic terminology, reports, and account number structure. The second part explains the basic flow of data, identifies Comptroller office contacts, and interprets the transaction reports. This class is designed for account administrators or administrative assistants who monitor, process, and review account activities and transactions.

GEMS Expense Management for Users and Approvers
This course introduces the GEMS Expense Management system. It intended for staff and faculty whose departments have begun using the system for reimbursement for out of pocket expenditures, account for use of the University GEMS credit card, or approve reimbursement or GEMS credit card use. During this class we will:

  • introduce the credit card application process;
  • practice entering and submitting expenses;
  • discuss changes to and highlights of expense reporting policies;
  • examine how these policies impact transactions in the new expense reporting application;
  • walk through the expense report approval process.

High Impact Feedback and Listening

In successful organizations, individuals are capable and willing to provide their peers and colleagues with candid and constructive feedback. This feedback is focused on recognizing contributions and results, improving performance and supporting professional growth and development. Effective feedback and listening skills can be used to improve communication, strengthen team relationships and manage challenging interactions. This session is focused on learning and practicing the skills required to effectively give and receive feedback within a team, with co-workers, or with other important interactions. In this participative workshop you will:

Recognize the importance of feedback and listening to the success of individuals, groups and the organization.

Identify assumptions and behaviors that can become barriers to listening.

Learn a set of skills and a feedback model to promote other’s receptivity to feedback.

Learn how to create a culture of teamwork and cooperation by proactively seeking feedback.

Independent Contractor and Other Reportable Payments
In this interactive class, you will get an overview of the procedures for processing payments for independent contractors and other reportable payments. The class is intended to provide the user with the necessary tools, policies and documentation requirements for preparing, auditing and processing reportable payments.

Paying Foreign Nationals at the University of Chicago
If you have questions about paying foreign nationals at the University of Chicago, this workshop is for you! This workshop will provide an overview of policies and procedures for issuing payments to foreign nationals who are employed, receiving scholarship/stipend and/or independent contract payments at the University of Chicago. This interactive session will also focus on you and your questions! Prior to the session, you will be asked to submit specific questions and comments and the course will be tailored to the information received. All questions/comments will be addressed…this is your time to get all your questions answered! This course is designed for University administrators and staff members responsible for preparation of the UPP-192 Alien Request Form and/or tax forms for individuals who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Procurement Principles
This workshop provides an overview of University policies and procedures for purchasing and invoicing payment of goods and services. It presents to the user department a foundation and understanding of principles. It also provides an explanation of the various payment processes. We explain how Purchasing and Payment Services (PPS) supports these processes. This course is designed for Account Administrators or Administrative Assistants responsible for purchasing and payment of goods and services.

Service Plus: Keys and Steps to Service

Whom do you serve? It’s likely to be a mix of your team members, manager, other departments, faculty, and students. Being a reliable, valued service provider is both an art and a science. Whether experienced in the workplace or newer to it, this workshop will help you take your service skills to the next level. As you practice you will learn how to:

Examine proactive ways you can improve all of your service interactions.

Increase your confidence in delivering effective service.

Choose the behaviors and approaches to use that increase the motivation of those with whom you interact to be pleasant and collaborate.

UChicago Time for Approvers
In this course, supervisors and administrators responsible for approving employee time and attendance will learn how to use the new online UChicago Time system.

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