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Financial Services


Financial Services Forms

Forms are also available by a complete  [A to Z LIST] 


  • ACCTS/PETS Account Request [PDF]
  • ACCTS/PETS Department Setup [PDF]
  • Constructed Equipment Form [PDF]
  • Equipment Disposal Form [PDF]
  • Equipment Loan Form [PDF]
  • Equipment Quick Reference Guide [PDF]
  • Equipment Screening Statement [PDF]
  • Petty Cash Account Request Form [PDF]
  • Petty Cash Change of Custodian Form [PDF]
  • Petty Cash Account Closure Form [PDF]
  • Petty Cash Payment Log [Excel]
  • Request for Unrestricted Funds Account (Ledger 2, 4, 7, 8, 9) [PDF]
  • Requested for a Restricted Funds Account (Ledger 5, 6) [PDF]
  • Useful Life of Equipment (PDF)

Financial & Tax Reporting





  • Alien Tax Information Request (Form UPP192) [PDF]
  • ACCTS/PETS Account Request [PDF]
  • ACCTS/PETS Department Setup [PDF]
  • Biweekly Payroll Adjustment Form - Instructions [PDF]
  • Bi-Weekly Additional Form (UPP 173) [PDF] -  Please read
  • Coded Log of Payments to Human Subjects [PDF]
  • Direct Deposit Form  [PDF]- Self-Service site 
  • Federal W-4 Form For Non-Resident Alien Employees [PDF]
  • Federal W-4 Form [PDF] - Self-Service site
  • Illinois W-4 Form For Non-Resident Aliens [PDF]
  • Independent Contractor Questionnaire [PDF]
  • I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification [PDF]
  • Log of Payments to Human Subjects [PDF]
  • Monthly Extra Service (Form 172) - [PDF]  - Please read
  • Monthly Salary/Vacation Advance Request (Form 191) [PDF]
  • Monthly Absence Report [PDF]
  • Moving Reimbursement Form [PDF]
  • Moving Expense Reporting Form [PDF]
  • Signature Authorization Form [PDF]
  • Stipend Request Form 21 [PDF]
  • Student Casual Payment Request (UPP 183S) [PDF] - Please read
  • W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Withholding for Individuals [PDF]
  • W-8BEN-E, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Withholding for Entities [PDF]
  • W-9 Form (Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) [PDF]
  • W-9A Attachment Form to W-9 (Tax Treaty Claim By A US Person) [PDF]
  • Procurement and Payment

    • Certificate of Commercial Pricing [PDF] [Word]
    • Customer Credit Reference Information [PDF]
    • Electrical Certification Form [Word]
    • Financial Services Online Security Update Request [PDF]
    • Fire Resistive Rating for Furniture, Scenery and Decorations [PDF]
    • Petty Cash Receipt [PDF]
    • Petty Cash Reimbursement [PDF]
    • Price Reasonableness-Documentation and Determination Form [Word]
    • Sole Source Justification & Approval Instructions [Word]  
    • Sole Source Justification & Approval Form [PDF] [Word]
    • Supplement to Purchase Order [PDF]
    • Supplier Information Form [Form]
    • Tax Exempt Forms [Tax Forms]
    • Vendor Complaint Form [PDF]
    • Vendor Compliment Report [PDF]
    • W-8 [Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner] [PDF]
    • W-9 [Request for Taxpayer Identification Certification] [PDF]
    • Wire Transfer Form - Domestic [PDF] [Word] / International [PDF] [Word]

    Sponsored Award Accounting

    • Request for Restricted Funds Account (Ledger 5, 6) [PDF]

    Documents and Other University Forms

    • Access to Confidential Information[PDF]
    • Customer Credit Reference Information [PDF]
    • Fire Resistive Rating for Furniture, Scenery and Decorations [PDF]
    • Supplement to Purchase Order [PDF]
    • Tax Exempt Forms [Tax Forms]
    • Other University Forms[AdmiNet]

    Note: The following Financial Services forms can be found/ordered through the University’s preferred office supplies provider:

    • 10 – Batch Control
    • 11F – Fellowship Appointment
    • 88R – Direct Payment Voucher
    • 100 – Purchase Request
    • 103 – Payroll Expense Transfer
    • 133 – Report of Money Received
    • 160 – Student Requisition
    • 172 – Monthly Extra Service Payment Request