Receipts Requirements

As stated in University Financial Policy 1202, receipts are only required for any single expense of $75 or more. (Exceptions are listed below). However, all expenses, regardless of dollar amount, must be itemized on the WEB TEV Worksheet.

Please note: Individual units (e.g., schools, departments, divisions, administrative offices) may establish travel procedures that reduce allowable expenses or require more documentation for expenses than the University limits outlined in the Policy (e.g., a school may designate a maximum daily allowance for meals or limit reimbursement for air fare).

Exceptions To $75 Threshold:

Original airline passenger receipt are required. This applies also to electronic tickets. When purchasing tickets over the Internet, you must request a passenger receipt at airport check-in. Boarding passes, faxes, computer printouts are not sufficient documentation, even when the printout reads “itinerary/receipt.”

Itemized Lodging/Hotel Bill that shows a “zero balance due.” When EXPRESS CHECK-OUT is used, the traveler must provide a copy of a credit card statement or credit card receipt to substantiate the amount.

Business Meals require a credit card receipt regardless of dollar amount. Restaurants check stubs (pull tabs) are not sufficient documentation. Also, you must indicate the business purpose, attendees, and date of the meal.