Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) On-line Form and Help Facility

Prior to beginning this process you should: Have all the required receipts in hand. University receipt requirements

Convert each foreign currency expense into U.S. dollars and attach a printout of the Currency Converter page.

After completing this process you should: Attach all original receipts. TEV Worksheet(s) and Travel Expense Envelope (if used) to the back of the WEB TEV form.
Sign the Travel Expense Voucher Form

Note: According to University Financial Policy 1202 regarding travel, travel expenses must be certified as University business-related expenses by the individual who is being reimbursed for the expenses. This certification requirement may be satisfied in a number of ways. Click here to view additional certification methods.

Forward these documents to the appropriate administrative/fiscal assistant or LBC Faculty Service Representative who will see that the forms are approved and forwarded to the appropriate University office for payment.