How to complete a Travel Advance Form


1. Employee Number/Vendor Number - Enter an 11-digit, alphanumeric number. If individual is a full-time employee, it is the Payroll Number (SSN), preceded by a “P” and followed by a zero. For example, P1234567890, with no spaces between number. For all others, leave this field blank.

2. Payee’s Name and Address - Enter the individual’s name and Permanent Home Address (address used for employee W-2). Note: Employee travel reimbursement checks will be mailed to the employee’s home address on file in the Payroll/Personnel Information System as listed on the individual’s Personal Action Form (PAF). When in doubt of the accuracy of the address, request for check pickup from the Bursar’s Office.

3. Check Description - Enter the information you want printed on the check stub to help payee identify the payment. You can enter up to 29 characters including spaces. Spaces, for example, 10/11/97 Conference Workshop.

4. Pick Up at Bursar’s and Phone - If you want the Bursar’s Office to hold this check for your pickup, enter an “X” in this box and enter a five – digit department, phone number in the “phone” field. The check will be filed at the Bursar’s Office by the number recorded in the “phone” field. Consequently, if your department has a messenger who picks up checks, he/she must ask for the checks by the telephone number designated by your unit. The Bursar’s Office does not notify departments that a check(s) is ready for pickup

5. Enclosure Attached - If the check is to be mailed and an enclosure must accompany the payment, place an “X” in this field. Note: If an enclosure must be mailed with the check you must provide one copy of the attachment(s) in addition to the original.
6. Purpose Enter the appropriate reason code (1-6).
Note: Reason #3, Extended Business Travel, always requires approval from the Dean, Vice President, or Director.

7. Other - Primarily used for non travel related advances, for example deposits for University sponsored events. A detail explanation must always be provided.

8. Account Name, Account Number and Amount of Charge - Enter into these fields the appropriate FAS Account Name, Number and the total amount to be charged to the account. NOTE: You can only charge a single Travel Advance to a maximum of two (2) different FAS account numbers.

9. Requested By: Name and Phone - Enter into this field the name of the person who should be contacted in the event that there is a problem with the Travel Advance form

10. Authorized By:Name, Date, Signature Authorization Number and Signature - Enter into these fields the name and signature authorization number of the individual who is authorized to approve expenses against the account(s) listed on the Travel Advance and the approval date. NOTE: The “Authorized By:Signature” field must contain a hand written signature; signature stamps or an approver’s initials cannot be accepted.

Notes and Special Requirements

The GEMS Card, replaces the need for most University travel advances. However, travel advances will be granted under certain conditions. Refer to Financial Policy 1214, Non-Salary Cash Advances.

The departmental account will be encumbered BUT WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the advance is accounted for on a Travel Expense Voucher, Form 97 (Rev. 5/90). Any unused portion of an advance should be deposited with the Bursar’s Office on a Report of Money Received, Form 133 (4/95).

Submit To: The Travel Advance Form should be forwarded to the Travel Section of the Payroll department or your Local Business Center at least five (5) working days before advance is needed. Advances must be accounted for on a Travel Expense Voucher (Form No. 97) within ten (10) working days after completion of the trip or event