Preferred Purchasing Methods

Purchase Order - The University has two (2) methods to request and create a purchase order, BuySite or the paper Purchase Request Form 100. The BuySite order is created by the department in the University's electronic purchasing application and allows the department to make purchases from University authorized suppliers. The Form 100 is generally used to create standing orders or when requesting a contract review.

GEMS Card - The University's corporate credit card that works in conjunction with the web based expense management system. The card provides faculty and staff with a convenient method of procuring and paying for travel expenditures and small dollar purchases. Visit the GEMS site for more information.

Check Request - A Non-Purchase Order payment method used for limited goods or services. The ePayment Request system. Visit the Check Request/ePayment website for more information.

Preferred Purchasing method is listed with a "P"; acceptable alternative methods are listed with an "X." Click the commodity to view the Supplier Contract Announcements.

Good or Service          PO GEMS Check Request Notes
Advertising P X   Refer to Policy 1013 for guidance on accounting for Advertising
Animals P      
Apparel P      
Athletic Goods and Services P      
Audio Visual P      
Awards and Prizes (Cash Equivalent)     P Not allowed for employees
Books / Subscriptions X P   Not allowed for employees
Business Meals   P   Includes Grocery Purchases for an event
Capital Equipment Purchases P     Refer to Policy 1004.1 for capital equipment accounting guidance
Catering X P    
Construction / Renovation / Operations Contact Facilities Services
Consultants / Professional Services P      
Donations     P Refer to Policy 1206 regarding gifts to Not-for-Profit organizations
Events and Entertainment Event/Meeting Guidelines

Hotel Room Block/Facility Rental 


Tents / Staging / Lighting 


Sporting Event 

Food and Beverage Services X P    
Furniture P P   Per State of Illinois - all new/reupholstered furniture purchases must comply with Fire Resistive Rating Policy, following instructions of Procedure 13.31.  Forward a copy of the Fire Resistive Rating Policy to the Supplier prior to releasing your purchase order.
Gifts (Non-Cash)     P

Refer to Policy 1206 regarding gifts to Not-for-Profit organizations.

Refer to Policy 1211 regarding gifts to employees.

Honoraria     P Refer to the Honorarium Payments website for guidance
Human Resources

Benefits (Medical/Dental)

      Contact Human Resources

Employment Agency / Training Firms

P X    

Executive Recruiting

P     Human Resources Talent Acquisition

Background Checks

      HR coordinates centrally using General Information Services, Inc. (GIS)
Human Test Subjects     P Refer to the Human/Research Subjects website for guidance
Information Technology If not available through BuySite, contact PPS ( for more information.




Industrial Supplies P      
Lab Supplies P      
Legal Fees P     Refer to Policy 1215 regarding Retention of Outside Legal Counsel
Mail Service P      
Office Machines Contact IT Services Support @ 4-TECH (773-834-8324) /
Office Supplies P X    
Printing P X    
Professional Development Refer to Policy 1209 regarding Membership Fees and Dues
License Feesarrow   P X  
Conference Feesarrow   P X  
Membership Feesarrow   P X  
Promotional/Logo Items P      
Relocation Expenses Refer to guidance on the Payroll website regarding Moving Expenses
Non Employeearrow P X    
Conference Feesarrow   X P  
Rent/Lease Payments     P Refer to Policy 1213 regarding the leasing of real estate.
Repairs (Service/Maintenance) P X    
Royalties     P  
Scholarships / Fellowships / Stipends     P  
Security / Alarms / Access Control P      
Speakers / Honorariums     P  
Taxes     P  
Telecommunications Contact IT Services at links provided below
Analog / VOIParrow       voice-telecommunications
Wireless Phones & Service Providersarrow       cellular-phone-services
Car Sharearrow   P   Enterprise CarShare
Charters / Shuttlesarrow P X    
Parking / Tollsarrow   P    
Taxicabs / Limousines / Liveryarrow X P   Livery Rate Sheet
Travel News Flash-Breaking Travel News
Airfare / Car Rental / Lodgingarrow   P    
Individual Travel Mealsarrow   P    
Passport and Visa Servicesarrow   P    
Travel Agencyarrow   P    
Utilities X X P