BuySite Deleted Vendors

The following vendors have been removed from BuySite vendor listing because these companies are competing vendors to the University contracted suppliers. A listing of the vendors previously used in BuySite but now deleted is provided below.

This action is taken first to control for non-contract orders issued by departments to these suppliers, and secondly, in support of University vendors that are committed to the University and its best interests through these agreements.

If you cannot locate a supplier that you have used in the past, please consult the Contract Announcements to identify the University Preferred Supplier for that item or service. Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you need assistance, please contact the Shared Services Help Desk at 773.702.5800, email, or submit an Ask a Procurement/Payment inquiry form available on the online portal.

A – F


Aaron Davis Jr. S3532630010
A-1 Uniform Sales Co Inc V1002591360
A2Z Uniforms V1002441180
Accubite V1001724630
Advanced Messenger Service V1000368770
Advance Uniform *1001546990
AirComm Worldwide Transportation V1002399420
AGA Gas Central Inc. V1000946340
Air Products and Chemicals Inc. V1000479740
Americas Finest Limousine V1002394680
Amilings Flowerland V1000100590
Amms Limousine Service V1001199022
Anthony’s Limousine V1001870580
Apex Courier LTD V1001757480
Arrow Messenger Service V1000496670
Arvey Paper & Office Products V1000723451


Barrett Moving & Storage
Berger Allied Van Lines
Best Messenger Service Inc. V1000847370
Big ‘O’ Movers & Storage V1002926200
BioSource International V1000920030
BioSource International V1000920031
Borders Books and Music V1001617060
Boston Coach V1002170330
Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage V1002394440


C W Limousine Service Inc. V1001074330
Cannonball Courier Services V8000046910
Cannonball Local Messenger V8000046910
Century Springs V1001977440
Chariot Express V1001322130
Chicago Limousine V1002345530
Chicago Private Car Service Inc V1001478020
Chicago Stationers V1000589720
Cintas V1002702900
Clark Office Supply Inc. V1002309910
Consolidated Film Delivery V1000694930
Corporate Express V1001189430
Cryogenic Gases V1001270270


Dan Ryan Express Livery Service V1002124170
Deadline Express V8000122920
Delaware Cars & Limousines V1001559010
Dell Corp, LTD V1003131500
Dilly Uniform Co *1000703640
Distinctive V8000348650


ERC Delivery Service V1002545850


Fashion Seal Uniforms *1000332800
Faster Messenger Service Inc. V1002628210
Fertile Delta V1000363590

G – L


Garvey’s Office Products V1000825570
G & O Industries Inc. V1002608460
Grace Limousine Service V1002232180
Great Midwest Office Specialties V1000032050


Hayes & Sons Moving & Storage V1002562470
Hinckley Springs V1000025690
H2COOL V1002373930


Illinois Bottle Water
Imagetec V1001933050


Jack Salkin Uniform Company Inc. *1000690190
Jasco Uniform Co V1001207680
J & D Uniforms Inc. *1000006210
Justice Perry S3203836830


Kramer & Leonard V1002388260
Kwik Delivery Systems V1001683260
Krystal J Beverages Inc V1000025690


Lake Park Livery & Limo Service V10008442070
Linen & Uniform Connection
Livery Management Services Inc. V1001870720
Lydias Professional Uniforms V1002868460

M – R


Master Uniform Mfg Co. *1000579250
Matheson Gas Products Inc. V8000041930
Matheson Tri-Gas V1002213660
McFarlane Douglass & Co. V1002444950
Metropolitan Limousine V1002456460
MG Industries V1000058070
Midwest Dispatch Courier Inc. V1001783750
Miles-Chicago Transportation V1001425470
Mirage Limousine V1001827621
Mittler Supply Inc. V1001339910


National Van Lines, Inc
Nelson Westerberg, Atlas Van Lines
North Shore Uniform Service *1000037120


Office Depot V1001311613
Office Zone V1002148690
OfficeMax V1000936240
OfficeMax V1000987270


Pierce Biotechnology, Inc. V1000009310
Pierce Milwaukee, Inc V1002099770
Poland Spring Water V1002407850
Pontarelli Group Charter Inc. V1000572150
Praxair/Gas Tech V1000000010
Prime Office Products V1000755960
Promega Corporation V1000044140
Puritan-Bennett Medical Gases V1000009540


Quill Corp V8000044584


REO Movers and Van Lines, Inc V8000097130
Reliable V1000009692
Rentokil Inc. V1000011251
Rush Limousine Inc. V1002182090



Samson Chicagoland Moving & Storage 1002296440
Samson Moving & Storage Inc 1001886540
Scott Specialty Gases V1000428070
S & H Uniform Corp 1001046810
Simon Uniform Co Inc *1000775200
Smooth Moves V1001855820
Sparkletts, Danon Waters of North America V1002348191
Spectra Gases Inc. V1000094790
ST Products Inc. V1002584810
Staples Direct V1002341880
Suburban Moving & Storage Co V1001474290


Uniforms Express V1002711280
Uniforms to You and Co. *1001280860
Uniform Warehouse *1002325580
United Limousine & Sedan Service V1002102460
University Transportation & Livery Services Ltd. V1000000860
U S Office Solutions V1001254720
US Office Products V1000035550
US Office Products V8000038920


VCG Uniforms *1001234140
Viking Office Products Inc. V1000224770
Viking Office Products V1000755960


Warehouse Direct V1001451420 Water Tower Place Uniforms Inc. V1000896030 West Suburban Office Products V1001970140 Windy City Uniforms *1002013080 Wright Fit Uniforms Inc


Xerox V1000066314


Yogi Top Flight Limousine Service V1002131840
YPD Limousine Service Inc V1002204770

S – Z