GEMS data available in Business Objects

  • Users will be able to perform end-to-end reporting, from card swipe to final reconciliation of a transaction.
  • GEMS transactions will no longer be summed into a single line item on ledgers. Each individual transaction will be displayed for easy tracking and reconciliation.
  • New and expanded reporting capacity will be available, eliminating the current reporting system limitations and provide ad-hoc reporting that integrates FAS and GEMS data.

Beginning with the July ledgers, a new Transaction ID number will be available.  This Transaction ID number allows the end-to-end reporting mentioned above.  The format of the FAS ledgers has been slightly modified so that the Transaction ID number can be visible.  Below are several examples of the modified FAS ledgers.

For additional information please contact Patti Ferriter at 773-702-9393 or
Dipti Desai at 773-702-3250