Doing Business with the University (Suppliers)

For the supplier, the method of contacting the University to obtain orders involves a few initial steps of introduction. If you would like to supply the University of Chicago with information pertaining to your business, please complete and submit the Supplier Information Form. Additionally, to understand what the University expects from suppliers in a business relationship, the supplier should review the University’s Supplier Guide. Alternatively to these steps, a new supplier will come to the attention of the University if it is registered with the City of Chicago as a minority or woman-owned enterprise. Procurement and Payment Services references this directory listing for new local sources of suppliers as the University seeks diversity competition in its purchases and agreements.

During the term of the University relationship with a supplier, the supplier must respond to all solicitations received, even if the response is a “no bid”, “no offer”, “not interested at this time”, or “requested items or services are not available from the supplier.” The active involvement in solicitations serves both parties in clarifying and refining the core business focus of the supplier as the University continues to provide opportunities to its many suppliers annually.

Related Information

Supplier Information Form
If you would like to supply the University of Chicago with information pertaining to your business, please complete and submit this form.

User Guide for Suppliers
All suppliers are requested to review this guide which provides a brief general overview of Procurement and Payment Services and supplier expectations.

Standard Insurance Requirements
All suppliers providing goods and services to the University of Chicago shall meet these insurance requirements.

National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) Code of Ethics
To strengthen ethical awareness, and to provide guidelines for its staff members, the University of Chicago has promoted the NAEP’s code of ethics.

Fire Resistive Rating for Furniture, Scenery and Decorations
All furniture and fixtures being supplied must adhere to this policy. For product not meeting these requirements, contact Procurement and Payment Services.

Supplement to Purchase Order
This is the University of Chicago’s standard terms and conditions of purchase. Any exceptions to this document should be addressed with Procurement and Payment Services.

Special Instructions to Seller
Additional terms and conditions of the purchase order.

Procurement of Electrical Equipment
The Chicago Municipal Code requires that all equipment, devices and appliances that may be furnished under a purchase order be tested and bear a label of a recognized testing laboratory. DO NOT SHIP if your products(s) do not conform to this requirement. Contact a Buyer at Procurement and Payment Services.

Standard Shipping Instructions