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Business size and ownership
Corporation (Privately held)

National Car Rental offers a full fleet of rental vehicles for both business and leisure travel to University faculty, staff, retirees, and for business travel for graduate students. For reservations contact the University's designated travel agency listed below or contact National Car Rental at 1-800-227-7368.

Time Period
July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2018

Contract Identification Number
Click here to obtain the University's Contract ID # to receive the discounted rates and benefits

Contract Pricing

Emerald Club Program – National Car Rental offers complimentary enrollment into the Emerald Club program (a $50 value). Member benefits include driving any car from the Aisle but paying the mid-size car rate, bypassing the reservation counter, and avoiding the second-driver fees. Refer to Program Benefits Summary for additional information.

Promotions / Service Announcements
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Order Placement
To ensure your trip is credited as a University booking, and to receive the discounted rate, your reservation must be booked through one of the following channels:

For local rental pickups, the closest participating location is:
Midway Airport
4625 W. 55th St.
Chicago, IL 60632
Phone: 773-471-3450

Payment Terms
Net due

Form of Order
Credit card

Domestic rental rates include Loss Damage Waiver fee for both business and leisure travel when the Customer Identification Number is included in the reservation. For specifics on the coverage, refer to the Insurance for Rental Vehicles.

Driving Record Review Criteria
National Car uses the attached criteria when reviewing your driving record to determine if you are eligible to rent a vehicle.

Faculty and staff business travel expenses are to be processed through the GEMS System located at

Reimbursement of student and guest business travel expenses is to be requested on a Travel Expense Voucher (Form 97) following the University's Financial Policy No. 1202, Travel Policies & Procedures.