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Financial Services


How to Complete a DPV

DPV form
It is important to completely fill out the Direct Payment Voucher to ensure all pertinent information is referenced on the payee’s check to allowed the funds to applied appropriately. To obtain Direct Payment Voucher Form to go: “Staples Advantage” and request the Financial Services Form No.88R (9/10).

1. Vendor Number If the payment is for an employee, enter their Payroll Number (SSN), preceded by a “P” and followed by a zero. For example, P1234567890, with no spaces between numbers. For all other payees, leave this field blank.

2. Payee’s Name and Address Payee’s name and address must be the same as the remit to address on the supporting documentation. Do not use C/O or Attention To. If the payment is for an individual, enter the individual’s PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS in this field.

Note: Employee reimbursement checks will be mailed to the individual’s home address as currently listed on the individual’s Personal Action Form (PAF). However, the majority the University of Chicago’s staff and faculty should be utlizing the GEMS system for all GEMS cards and out-of-pocket expenses reimbursement request.

3. Invoice Date Enter the date of the invoice. In the event there is no invoice date, use the current date.

4. Invoice Number Enter the vendor’s invoice number. This must be a unique number; duplicate numbers may be rejected by the system. Do not use numbers that may be repeated on other transactions, such as, department number, customer/account numbers, or membership numbers. If there is no invoice number fill in NONE*.

Note: We recommend one invoice per DPV. This allows Procurement and Payment Services to properly record each invoice payment in the accounts payable system and facilitates transaction inquiries by departments or vendors.

5. Check Description Enter a name, department, customer number, order number, member I.D., or other pertinent information. The information will appear on the check stub, and may assist in identifying the payment to the recipient. Abbreviate if necessary. You may enter up to 20 characters in this field.

6. Mail w/ Enclosure Enter an [ X ] in this box when additional documentation (e.g., remittance, registration/order forms, backups, etc.) must be sent along with the check. Use this enclosure procedure for special instructions, i.e., a brief memo/letter to the vendor specifying delivery instructions or payment explanations. In most cases, enclosures are not required by a vendor as long as the invoice number is specified on the check.

Note: If an enclosure must be mailed with a payment, the department must provide the original back-up documents along with one additional copy. Also note if this field is checked, DO NOT check Field 7.

7. Hold at Bursars and Campus Phone Enter [X] in this box and a five-digit department phone number in the “campus phone” field. All other payments should be mailed directly to the payee by the Bursar’s Office. Departments CANNOT pick up checks made payable to a company . Exceptions must be cleared in advance with the Non-Salary Disbursements Manager.

Note: The Bursar’s Office does not notify departments that a check(s) is ready for pickup. Checks will be filed at the Bursar’s Office by the number recorded in the phone field. Consequently, if your department has a messenger who picks up checks, he/she must ask for the checks by the telephone number designated by your unit. Also note if this field is checked, DO NOT check Field “6”.
8. Detail Enter a brief explanation for why the expense was incurred.

Note: If an expense is a business meal, you must provide the date, place, first and last names, and University purpose for each meal, either within this section or on the supporting documentation. You may also use this field for descriptions of expenditures that customarily would not have receipts or invoices, such as, car mileage, highway tolls, etc. This information will not appear on the check stub. If more space is needed, attach a signed memo to the DPV.

9. Account Number Enter into this field the appropriate 10-digit FAS account number. Note: You can only split the cost on a single Direct Payment Voucher (DPV) to a maximum of three (3) different FAS account numbers. If more than three accounts must be charged, obtain a “Accounts Payable Coding Continuation Voucher”, AP Form 211. A FAS Account Number(s) must be valid, include all 10 digits, and must not be charged to a Ledger “3”, or Budget Pool, such as sub-accounts 5000 and 7000. Refer to the FAS User’s Manual for further explanation of budget pools.

10. Department Reference Number Optional field, for department use only. Use six (6) characters or less. This field does not print on the monthly, FAS AM091 reports.

11. Amount Enter the amount to be charged to each account in dollars and cents. The sum of the supporting documentation must agree with the dollar amount requested.

12. Total Amount Enter the total amount charged on the DPV in dollars and cents. Include those amounts listed on a Accounts Payable Coding Continuation Voucher, AP Form 211.

13. Requested by: Phone, Department, and Date Enter into these fields the phone number and department first and last name of the person who should be contacted in the event that there is a problem with the DPV form. Enter in to the “Date” field the day the DPV was submitted.

14. Authorized by: Phone, Fac Ex or E-Mail Address, and Fax No. Enter the printed or typed signature of the authorized signer of the account(s) being charged, along with her/his phone number, faculty exchange or e-mail address.

15. Signature and Authorization Number Enter the six-digits (included zero if applicable)of Only the authorized signer, of the accounts charged, may enter her/his handwritten signature and authorization number in these fields.

Note: 1) The Signature field must contain a handwritten signature. Signature stamps or the authorized signer’s initials are not acceptable; 2) The payee and the individual approving the forms should not be the same person.