Accounting and Financial Reporting

Name Title Contact information
James R. Ribikawskis Executive Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting 702-3690
Michael K. Barry Accountant 702-3939
Carla Bucci Manager, Costing Studies 702-3691
Casey Campbell Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting 702-3695
Chris Chen Accountant, Capital Assets 702-5371
Kathy Conrad Accountant, General Accounting 702-1664
Richard Georgas Accountant, Cash Management 702-1975
Ronald Kosary Manager, Gift, Endowment, Annuity, Life Income and Investments 702-3694
Virginia Nicholson Director, Internal Projects, Tax Reporting 702-3692
Okila Ramsey Accountant, Cash Management 702-8991
Claire Ruiz Manager, Debt & Capital Asset Accounting 702-3753