Account Creates

There are several different processes for creating or updating an FAS account for a new or amended award. The Local Business Centers (LBCs), BSD Dean’s Office, Medicine, BMB, Ben May, Pathology, Cancer Research Center and CALGB will create or update Financial Accounting System (FAS) accounts for awards that they manage. For other units, Sponsored Award Accounting creates/updates the account. Sponsored Award Accounting creates an account for a new award upon receipt from University Research Administration (URA) of an award notice. In addition to the account create processes described above, FAS accounts can be created in advance of receipt of a Notice of Grant Award (NGA). These accounts are referred to as advance accounts. URA’s website provides more detailed information about account creates.

Account Create Form 70

The Financial Account System (FAS) User’s manual has a section identifying and defining the attributes or values applicable to accounts when they are created.