Guidelines and Rules


(See Definitions and Acronyms for more information on Users)

Financial Services must approve the Super Users, the Executive Level Users, and the Department Level Users. To request approval, email

Account Administrators are automatically given access to eledgers. When an Account Administrator leaves, either the University or their position, the department must notify Financial Services by sending an email to

Account Administrators may request a Proxy for their accounts without approval from the Financial Systems. The eledgers program contains eforms to make Proxy requests.

The system contains an auto approval process which ensures that the designating administrator is authorized to view the accounts for which a Proxy is being requested.

When an Executive or Departmental Level User leaves the University or their position, their Proxies will be removed from the system in 30 days.

A Proxy cannot request a Proxy as currently designed.

General Guidelines:

All accounts within FAS should have an account administrator.  If a faculty member is a principal investigator on the account, they should also be listed as one of the account adminstrators.