How to Get Access

System Requirements

The program is available to Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8.0 & Windows 8.1 users through Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, & 11 as well as FireFox versions ESR 24 and ESR 31.

Access through trusted site is required. Windows and Mac users as well can use the FireFox browsers, versions ESR 45.x and FireFox 45+.  Windows users can use the Internet Explorer version 11.                   

Chrome 49+ is now supported.

Following is the links for the current OnBase ActiveX for Windows users:

How to get access

All users will need their CNet ID and password to login.

To access the system, all please use URL

NOTE: If you select the Active X option when using Internet Explorer to log on to the eLedger system and it's missing the Active X dlls, please have your system administrator install them on your workstation.   They are available at:

You will need your CNetID or UCHAD id to access the download site.

For information on eLedger user proxy information you may go to the following site:

Contact Information

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