Program Questions:

Who do I contact with questions about the eLedgers program?

Please contact Financial Services at:

 finserv-eledgers@uchicago.edu for information on this program.

 Will training be available?

Training sessions are available.  Go to https://training.uchicago.edu/ to register for current classes or contact genaccounts@lists.uchicago.edu for future training dates.  Financial Services is also willing to come out to areas and give presentations to users upon request.  All future FAS classes will have an overview of the eLedger system. 

Ledger Questions:

Can I edit the ledger?

No. The ledgers are the financial reports of record.  They cannot be edited within this application.

How do I enter dates to retrieve reports for a certain period?

There are two types of date periods that you can specify:

(1)  A Date Range From_____________To _____________ or  (2) The Monthend date

(1) The From_____________To____________dates are the dates the reports were sent to the eLedgers application.

For example, if you specified From 11/01/2009 To 12/31/2009, you would see the October and November 2009 reports since the October reports are processed in November and the November reports are processed in December.  You would not see the December reports since they were not loaded into eLedgers until January.

(2)  The Monthend date is the last day of the month for a report.  For example, specify 11/30/2009 for a November 2009 report. Specify 12/31/2009 for a December 2009 report.

Can I send e-mails?

Yes, the report can be emailed within the application to another user in this system. It can also be emailed externally as an attachment. While viewing a report, right click on the report and select ‘send to’. Select ‘internal user’ when emailing within this application. Select ‘mail recipient’ when emailing outside this system.

Can I save the report to a file?

Yes, the report can be saved to your hard disk. Select the disk icon in the toolbar above the report. You can then save the file in several formats.

Can I print a report?

Yes, the report can be printed. Select the printer icon in the toolbar above the report.

Can I add a note to a report?

Yes, you can add notes to a report. Select the yellow note icon in the toolbar above the report.  The note is a separate document and can be deleted. You may also right click anywhere on the page to add or view notes.

Can I do text searches in the reports?

Yes, you can do text searches in the reports. Select the top icon above the report. Specify the search string. If found, the specified text will be displayed in purple. The line will be displayed in yellow.

FAS Proxy related questions

Will a FAS administrator who issues a request for a Proxy to account(s) still have rights to those accounts?


Is there a limit to the number of proxies that may be added?

No, however, proxy requests should be appropriate to the business roles of the individuals in a department.

In assigning proxies, what is the best way to assign? Is it by accounts or by a hierarchy?

Hierarchy is the best method if the FAS administrator has rights to all accounts in a hierarchy.

Will Proxies be Authorized Signers of the accounts to which they are a proxy?


Will any Account Administrator (AA1, AA2 or AA3) be able to request a proxy or only AA1?

Any Account Administrator can request a proxy to accounts for which they have rights.

How do I get access to electronic forms (eforms) in OnBase to request a proxy when using the Java Client?

After Logging into the Java Client, select View > New Form > Request Proxy Access to Ledgers at the top of the window on the left side of the screen.